Thursday, July 17, 2014

Even Doggies Need a Vacation!

Even doggies need a vacation!  Downtown Dogs of Frederick - Presented by Little Pink Toes Pet Photography is on vacation!  I'm in beautiful St. Augustine Beach, Florida visiting my Mom.  Actually, the visit is part vacation and part helping Mom with things around the house.  But...I'll take it!  Just like in dog friendly, historic Frederick, Maryland, St. Augustine Beach loves dogs!  There are always lots of dogs to watch on the beach.  They do love to frolic in the waves!  I saw one dog, whose human was walking with him towards the beach ramp, actually lay down and refuse to go any further!  There was no doubt of his intent!  He did not want to leave!  Well, I know how he feels.  I have to drag myself off the beach too!

I have a secret shelling spot that I like to go to that is on A1A, south of Crescent Beach.  It is very hard to get to.  One has to either climb down a steep cliff that has been back filled with huge boulders, swim or walk a long way from a parking area several miles down the beach.  The rocks are there because at high tide, there is no beach, the waves come right up and beat against the rocks, people and cars at the top of the cliff.  I go there often for the cliff side view, the beautiful breeze and to do some shelling.  Now, we all know it is a small world right?  Yesterday, while at my secret shelling spot, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and Allie and their dog Baily.  And they were from.....wait for it....Frederick!  So I had to take a photograph of Baily from Frederick enjoying his vacation at the beach!  Doesn't he look like he's cooling out?  Is there such a thing as a doggie beer?  If there is, I'll bet he would have had one!

Baily enjoying the view and a cool breeze during his vacation!

I'll be back to Frederick soon!  Hope to see you downtown!